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Welcome to our archive of catalogs and information materials, we have set ourselves the main goal of creating information catalogs and high visibility. Many catalogs come in different languages and by clicking on one of the language flags you can view and download the PDF. The catalogs are divided into catalogs of information and working methods, catalogs of product families, and product pages that we constantly update for you

Full Catalog

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full Catalog
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Pegasus Medical - Product Lineup

A brochure that covers all the products and services that Pegasus Medical offers: the ISO6040 module method, logistics management methods, and preliminary information on each of the product families. Click on the flag to view the brochure

Information and working methods catalogs



EZ- Swipe RFID KANBAN ensures supplies are always on hand & stock levels are extremely accurate.


No-Touch method

The No-Touch system eliminates human interaction during instrument transport thanks to our dedicated ISO Standard Stainless Steel shelves and baskets and our functional lines of open and closed transportations carts.


ISO6040 - Modular system

Pegasus Medical provides comprehensive and integrated medical storage products and solutions. The core of the systems is the  ISO 60-40 modular system of trays and baskets.

Product lines catalogs

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Poly line - Procedure & Medication carts

The POLY LINE is 100% antimicrobial polymer.

Prevention of cross-contamination in healthcare settings.


Apollo - Mobile storage

Pegasus Medical provides a unique, diversified storage cart product line. A combination of different enclosures, depths, heights and locking systems enables us to provide the optimum solution for any ward in your hospital or day care clinic.

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Ecoline - Procedure & Medication carts

Ecoline is the ideal solution for your medication and hospital supplies management needs. Ecoline drawers are compatible with any ISO 60-40 tray/basket. Most important, the position of drawers, trays, and baskets can always be redefined.

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Rack System

Increased efficiency in organizing supplies is achieved by using pegasus dense storage racks in two orientations (e, u), and multiple basket depths configurations.


HERMES - Closed Aluminum Transport Carts

Rigid heavy-duty aluminum structure carts for transporting of sterile and non-sterile medical equipment between campuses or between central sterilization and the receiving departments.


Cabinets - Medical supply cabinets

we will enhance your facility design process and provide you with dedicated cost-effective storage solutions for each of the areas where disposables and medication need to be stored and dispatched.

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Hygieia - new aluminum racking system

The Hygieia racking system was designed to provide the optimum shelving solution for areas that require the highest cleaning standards.