Closed Aluminum
Transport Carts

Transporting equipment inside & between hospital campuses

Secure Transportation

Rigid heavy-duty aluminum structure carts for transporting of sterile and non-sterile medical equipment between campuses or between central sterilization and the receiving departments


Upper all-around bumpers for transporting inside trucks

All-around lower bumpers, Dedicated hooking structure for safe towing


Unique features

combination of light-weight and rigid structure with cleaning & washing resistance

Ergonomic handles
Ergonomic push handles, vertical or horizontal

door locks
Doors can be locked with
key or a seal locks

270° opening
Doors can be opened to 270°, and locked with a magnet to the cart’s outside walls

heavy-duty wheels
6” heavy duty wheels with
or without locking

All around rubber upper & bottom bumpers

tilted trays
Baskets and trays can be tilted while pulled out

Side panels are made of durable Nylon, washable and removable (SEE NEXT PAGE)

Optional traction connection for safe towing 


Carts types and dimensions

Type UU


Type U