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Medication Management

Storage & Transportation

It's all customizable and cost-effective, modular and incredibly smart for a "circular" use across all hospital departments.

Pegasus offers a comprehensive solution that improves the management of your medication system in the hospital and clinic, from the pharmacy to the patient's bed. With the help of the only customized ISO6040 medicine cassettes in the market, which is removable and gives the option of transport

Medication Management

Removable medication cassette

Medication Managment_Medication Management .jpg

The new units of medication cassettes arrive filled from the central pharmacy and are distributed to the wards where the cassettes have been exchanged (empty for full).

The empty cassettes return to the pharmacy


  Medical Supply Cabinets

Transport storage system

Into the department and to the patient

Procedure Storage Cart
Treatment cart


Ecoline treatment cart

The Pegasus Medication Cart is equipped with a transferable medication cassette. This four-level cassette contains 16 to 24 bins. All bins can be locked. The cassette can be locked to the cart with the cart locking system.

Treatment cart premium
Treatment cart basic

Basic medication cart

Premium medication cart

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Apollo Treatment Cart



Distribution of medications to patients in any hospital is a substernal part of the daily routine of any ward.


By designing a dedicated cart that answers the needs of the medical staff, the medication distribution process can be enhanced without jeopardizing patient safety


With a simple add on accessory the Apollo 109cm (43”) can be equipped with All in One computer or with adedicated double joints laptop ergonomic arm

Laptop Cart With Removable Medicine Cassette



Computer cart all-in-one



The cart is equipped with light-weight ergonomic removable medication cassette, mounted on a set of full-length retracting telescopic slides.


The cassette can be equipped with 12 to 18 dividable medication bins. Each bin can be labeled and equipped with a label cover, so no need for sticky labels.

Apollo Storage Cart

Our transport carts come in 2 options:


Type U - designed for transporting narrow aisles and storage in a narrow space. 


Type E - easier to identify because drug tapes are displayed on the front.


Both types can be combined with an electronic lock system that prevents theft. Scroll down to see our stationary solutions for convenient and smart medication management.

Procedure Storage Cart
Procedure Storage Cart
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Medical Suppy Cart

The cabinet can be ordered from us in full as seen in the picture. medicine castings can be ordered as necessary. 

Another option is to order from us only the rails and medicine cabinets and make sure that the carpenter who builds the cupboard maintains the correct dimensions.

Medical Supply Cabinets
  Medical Supply Cabinets
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